Blue Beetle 2023

Angel Manuel Soto directs “Blue Beetle,” a Warner Bros. production introducing DC’s superhero Jaime Reyes (Xolo MaridueƱa). Fresh from college, Jaime’s journey takes an extraordinary twist when he becomes connected with an alien relic, the Scarab. Fusing with the Scarab grants him a powerful suit and dynamic abilities, transforming him into Blue Beetle. The cast includes Adriana Barraza and Susan Sarandon, with a skilled team led by Soto, DP Pawel Pogorzelski, and production designer John Billington. The film arrives internationally in August 2023. Visit my flixer for more!

Blue Beetle | August 18, 2023 (United States) Summary: An alien scarab chooses college graduate Jaime Reyes to be its symbiotic host, bestowing the teenager with a suit of armor that's capable of extraordinary and unpredictable powers, forever c... Read all
Countries: Mexico, United StatesLanguages: English

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