Carl’s Date 2023

“‘Carl’s Date,’ the short film preceding Pixar’s ‘Elemental,’ revisits the beloved characters from ‘Up’ in a heartfelt story set entirely on a sidewalk. Ed Asner returns as Carl, who finds himself facing a nerve-wracking social encounter. With the humorous guidance of his loyal dog, Dug, the film balances emotion and laughter. Additionally, it serves as an introduction to the ‘Dug Days’ spinoff series. While enjoyable, the promotional aspect might overshadow ‘Elemental.’ Nevertheless, the witty script and Dug’s translation collar voice provide a unique bittersweet charm. This short highlights the evolving Disney content landscape, blending nostalgia with a forward-looking perspective. Visit my flixer for more!

Carl's Date | June 22, 2023 (Germany) Summary: Carl Fredricksen reluctantly agrees to go on a date with a lady friend-but admittedly has no idea how dating works these days. Ever the helpful friend, Dug steps in to calm Carl's pre-date j... Read all
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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