Slotherhouse 2023

“Sororities Unveiled: Dissecting ‘Slotherhouse’ Myths” scrutinizes the chasm between the sensationalized portrayal of sorority life in “Slotherhouse” and its actual reality. It specifically dissects the misconceptions surrounding fraternity involvement during rush parties and the exaggerated rituals of chapter president elections. While “Slotherhouse” is acknowledged for its entertaining horror-comedy elements, the article emphasizes its fictional nature. Visit my flixer for more!

Slotherhouse | October 15, 2023 (United States) Summary: Emily Young, a senior, wants to be elected as her sorority's president. She adopts a cute sloth, thinking it can become the new mascot and help her win, until a string of fatalities implicat... Read all
Countries: United States, SerbiaLanguages: English

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